Freitag, 18.04. LIVE!

(Part Time Punks/Paris)

(Garage/Poop from Rennes/France)

Aftershow party with DJ DEMONA / DJ Zapata and Mutti

Samstag 19.04. PARTY&LIVE!

RIGAS DEN ANDRE (live) // SE / Flogsta Danshail / Ausland Schläge / Harmönia / etc etc //

ACID HAUSMEISTER (live) // FI / Unicorn Ate My Productions //

ROKO (dj) // FI / Shlomp / SUB.FM //

MESAK (dj) // FI / Harmönia / LATON / KLAKSON //

+ more

ab 23 Uhr


Rigas den Andre (Henrik von Euler) hails from Årsta, Sweden. While
running his own label Flora & Fauna and currently participating in two
electronic duos Dödens Dal and Markis Sage he has managed to release
over 150 tracks with various projects the past decade on labels
spanning across the globe.

His album Ephedrine Skies paints the picture of a hyper colored
reality induced by hallucinations of the body and mind. A collection
of synthetic melodies floating amongst tangible soundscapes found
throughout our darkest and most joyous experiences both frightening
and intimate.

„The theater of the mind can be explained by the machinery of the
brain.“ – Oliver Sacks


Acid Hausmeister was born in a tube of acid through an experiment gone wrong. Throughout his career he has played in the same countries as James Brown, Hardfloor and David Hasselhoff to name but a few. His stage act involves plenty of analog synths and takes you on a trip to 1980s Chicago, where Al Capone ruled (probably) and people were raving to Acid House on city streets. Be there and find out who puts the ass in assieeed!


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